Welcome to the Power of Visionary Events & retreats! 

We support visionary leaders to plan and execute powerful, profitable events that master the art and psychology of human transformation. Our clients have touched 1,000's of lives in the personal and professional development fields through speaking, coaching, and teaching. 

The Visionary Event Leaders system promises to alleviate frustrations and restore your confidence, so that you feel completely supported in bringing your event vision to reality. Event overwhelm can creep in and take over the show... we want to get your back! So you can relax into the position of expert. 

This is your chance to let go of the details and step into the big picture. 

You are likely in one of the following stages: 

  • I know I want to host events, but I am just getting my vision together 
  • I am already hosting events and I want support so I don't have to do it all
  • I am accelerating my business vision and want to increase my event enrollment and revenue, I need a team on the ground to make it all happen

My team supports clients at every stage of business, with events large and small, rustic and luxurious. 

Schedule a time to chat and see how we can support you with your event vision: 



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I was flailing without a business model when I started working with Audra. ...providing tangible direction and specific steps for me to take to bring my business to the next level. She has a proven approach and gave me the courage to invest in my business to get the results!
— Maxime Stadlen, Holistic Health Practitioner, PrasadNutrition.com