Audra grady | Conscious Biz coach

After over a decade as a professional in higher education, 100's of hours of service, becoming a yoga teacher, and pursuing my PhD - I can't wait to help you design the life and Business of your dreams!

I AM... 

Humbled that you are here. Gratitude. Love. Hugs and kisses. 

I have many accomplishments in the world. Like a master of science in organizational management and I am working on a phd in east-west psychology - whole person, interconnected universe kind of psychology. I am a 200 and 500 hour certified yoga teacher, an ayurvedic yoga specialist, and a daily meditator. I have worked for several universities in community engagement, service-learning, experiential learning, and career development. I interned with Partners in Health after college, and spent time with Paul Farmer. I have consulted with non-profits, served low income communities, and observed the lives of people in a Nicaraguan dump. I learned how to breathe in India when I was 19. I am a trained intercultural communicator. I have become a leader in my work. 

If you really knew me you would know that...

I have an addiction to chai tea lattes
I can't spend too many days in a row with my mom
I love being outside, especially by the ocean
I struggled with things as a teenager, many destructive things
I came out on the other side, full of joy and love
I finally feel free after a decade of self-help books
I truly changed my life when I found yoga
I have deep gratitude for 12 step work
I treat my friends like family
I can't wait to meet YOU

I have 15 years experience in higher education, mentoring, coaching, and advising 100's of students. But this is the nugget... ready for it? I am human, just like you. I have expertise in a lot of things, but no one is an expert on life. I have credentials and degrees, but when it comes down to it - I still have to PRACTICE things every day that keep me on track. This is my labor of love, and if you invite me into your life neither of us will ever be the same. 

I help conscious individuals who are perpetual students and seekers with a BIG dream of doing meaningful work and leaving a social impact legacy of love. They are creative, passionate, motivated. Many of them are coaches, therapists, and holistic healers. We've got yoga teachers, tarot readers, authors, performers, and reiki practitioners. They know how to take care of you and me. But there is just one little problem... they can't seem to get out of their own way and make the money they need to be self-sufficient. The negative self talk, anxiety, and constant frustration are really heavy - and yet they know that there is something more for them. They persist. 

As your conscious business coach and mentor, together we...

  • clarify your BIG dream, your work and lifestyle desires, and your basic and ideal financial needs
  • weave a professional path that is unique to you, that doesn't create struggle or sacrifice
  • take steps to generate your ideal income, whether in your own business or as an employee
  • identify the ongoing support you need to succeed and then develop it over time

I know you can create a balanced life worth living that is true to your self, UNAPOLOGETICALLY. 

I can't wait to help you BE THE CHANGE, so you can LIVE A LIFE OF WEALTH & WELLNESS and LEAVE A LEGACY! 

I went from confused to confident! When I began working with Audra, I had a big vision, but no idea how to map it out and organize it all. Her clear communication and gentle coaching got the ball rolling.

With her expert support, I was on my way to sharing my own gifts with the people who were waiting for me. Audra brings her fun, knowledgeable self to each session but always held a space for me to shine my light!

If you have the opportunity to work with Audra, DO IT!
— Lucia Paxton, Creator of Sensual Life ™ & co-founder of Luscious L.O.V.E Life,