9 Week Fast-track to Manifest Your BIG Vision

Get Clients, Get Paid:

The Art of relationship marketing

A course for socially-conscious small business owners who need help creating the business side of their work!


This course is for you if you are:

  • A holistic practitioner, coach or therapist in your first 1-3 years
  • A client-based small business owner, online or in-person
  • A person with a clear modality or service that you offer
  • A business which needs to enroll clients with a desire to connect from the heart


  • A kindred community of like-minded professionals and healers
  • Access to the best material that Audra uses with private clients
  • Private small group coaching time and answers to your pressing questions, big or small
  • Integrated approach to learning the material and actively fitting it into your business with interactive coursework
  • Replacing anxiety-provoking feeling with “I’ve already got this covered”

No more anxiety

You personally want to bust through your own negativity (e.g., no one can afford my work, why would anyone hire me, I’m not worth that much) because you’ll know what to say and when to say it.

Imagine knowing exactly where your people are, and then stepping into consultations with them that leave them fulfilled and ready to work with you. These potential clients will be ready to say Yes to your invitation to work with you.

I know by now that you are eager to walk your ideal clients through a streamlined professional process from start to finish that has them feeling confident in your ability to support them!

You want to deliver a clear, simple brand—one that’s easy to market online and in person. You want to enroll high-paying clients into a package of services with an offer that ensures your financial stability and creative and self-care time for you.

9 Module Course Outline

  • The Art of Client Attraction: How to speak about your work so people are leaning in and asking for more

  • The Art of Enrollment: The enrollment process of finding and cultivating your perfect match clients; creating agreements and invoices

  • Speaking Your Truth: Learning how to speak to groups about what you do and make an empowered invitation to work with you

  • Empowering Client Communication: Tools and templates to consistently provide guidance through the client enrollment process

  • Business Foundations: Creating easy processes for you and your clients, online and offline, including how to make marketing easy

  • Your Small Business Money Guide: How to choose your business status, register and name your business, and prepare for taxes

  • Your Personal EconomyIntegrating sacred economic principles so you can create a sustainable income that meets all of your needs

  • Requesting Referrals: Building a community of potential clients and friends so referrals are regularly flowing in

  • Purposeful Planning: Creating a circle of support and partnerships to leverage your work and expand your community

The group coaching component of Audra's Conscious Business program was invaluable to me. During these sessions, my heart and mind awakened to the very real possibility of launching my own business. The experience of hearing each participant share their stumbling blocks, obstacles, accomplishments, and ah-ha moments gave me a sense of being part of something bigger than myself. It helped me see my own struggles and breakthroughs from a different perspective and invited thoughtful and curious exploration of what is truly possible.

- Christine Maguire, Yoga Teacher & Consciouspreneur


Participating in Audra's Business Coaching Program has really given my business the jump start it needed!  Audra made understanding how to run my business so easy with clear templates and lots of one-on-one coaching time to customize her strategies to fit my business needs.  She helped me develop an overarching structure to my business so that every small action I take is aligned with my greater vision.  But, best of all, Audra is simply a lovely person with clear intentions and an open heart who is passionate about supporting other conscious entrepreneurs.  Her guidance and presence have been invaluable to me as I navigate both the technical and emotional aspects of putting my work out into the world.

- Tiana Ellauri, M.A. Nature Connection Coach

Before I began Audra's program, I had the dream of completing and publishing my first book, but was overwhelmed and completely without support to achieve this goal. During the program, I got feedback and accountability from Audra and the group support helped me stay on-track and motivated. She also helped me to envision the structures of a business. As a result of working with Audra, I finished the book, and now I am on a US book tour doing events, marketing, and networking with other practitioners and writers!    

- Michelle Hobart, Author of Becoming Sacred Space, BecomingSacredSpace.com


Here's what you get:

Your Get Clients, Get Paid Course with videos, templates, blueprints, and more

9 Modules of training that will take you from struggling to satisfied

Full length audio recordings from a previous LIVE course

Private Facebook Group with a group of like minded coaches and practitioners ready to get clients and get paid

Share, comment, support each other, and get the A's to your Q's



Q: Am I ready for Get Clients, Get Paid?

A: This is for you, if you are:

  • A coach, therapist, holistic practitioner, consultant, speaker, or conscious entrepreneur

  • Starting some other client based small business (if you aren't sure if it is a fit, let's talk!)

  • Ready to learn the business skills to achieve your desired income and impact

  • Doing it all on your own and you know you need some momentum to get it all done

  • Want to easily attract and enroll clients and have a streamlined process for your work

Q: What will be expected of me in the program?

A: I would advise you to spend 2-4 hours per week implementing the course tools into your business... of course, you could spend more! Regularly allocating half a day to business development and strategy each week is a great habit to get into. 

Q: What’s my total financial investment for the course?

A: $97 - that's it! 

Q: When can I join?

A: Right now

More Q's:

Connect with me at hello@audragrady.com