Do you Dream of a Luxurious Retreat with your Most favorite clients, but worry that you might not make any money, get burnt out, or worse... lose money and momentum?

The Visionary Retreat Leaders I work with have a plan and guidance to make it happen with ease! 

Powerful, profitable & fun... 


I don't want you to... 

waste any more time stressing about where your future income will come from. You need to be able to afford your life in order to bring your true gifts to the world! Since you’re here, I see that you’re totally ready to expand your business and find committed, full paying clients.

The Visionary Retreat Leaders system promises to alleviate frustrations and restore your confidence, so that you feel invited to come out from the shadows of doubt and into a place of personal power ready to invite people into your work through a well crafted, easy and fun retreat plan. 

You are literally 3 steps away from flourishing, with a thriving practice of amazing clients. All it will take is a few essential steps, and before you know it, clients will be lining up to meet you!

Business is built one relationship at a time. 


how frustrating and scary building your own business can be. I was once there, struggling to make ends meet.

Many years ago I learned how to heal myself with yoga, which enabled me to stop relying on anti-depressants. It was a powerful time in my life. I suddenly realized the wealth we hold within ourselves, our capacity to transform our wounds into strength. I wanted to bring this message to everyone.

Having recently completed a Master’s in Organizational Management & Social Entrepreneurship, I created a business plan and set out on my own, building a team of teachers to bring yoga to companies. But, even with my background and extensive training in small business, I was quickly overwhelmed.

Ultimately, this business failed because I didn’t know how to enroll clients.

Where did I go wrong? I thought that profitability and success required a beautiful website and fancy marketing and that people would then just show up. It wasn’t in me to be a pushy salesperson, and I didn’t know any other way. I also didn’t feel worthy--even to accept money from others who wanted to help me.

I persevered though. I intuitively knew that I had to learn how to enroll clients. After extensive professional training in client attraction and enrollment, I discovered that it was easy. I literally had people asking to work with me, finally! This was the turning point in my life which allowed me to assure the success of my present business where I teach practitioners how to create a sustainable business, the first time around! 

This time, I was profitable in 30 days! I learned the art of client attraction and enrollment.

If I could do it, you can too... Now I work from home on my own schedule with amazing clients, I’m able to do what I love and create sustainable income. And I know this is possible for you too! 

I was flailing without a business model when I started working with Audra. I soon found myself feeling supported and optimistic.

Audra meets me where I am at, providing tangible direction and specific steps for me to take to bring my business to the next level. She has a proven approach, yet is responsive in coaching me through urgent issues that arise.

She gave me the courage to invest in my business to get the results I am seeking.
— Maxime Stadlen, Holistic Health Practitioner,